Green and Organic Cleaning

At Organic & Clean we know that choosing organic cleaning does not mean you have to sacrifice a sparkling clean home.   Our all natural products are powerful stain and germ fighters and will leave you with a beautiful, clean – and most importantly – healthy home for you and your family to enjoy.

Chemical cleaning products have been associated with an increased risk of allergies, skin sensitivities, asthma and headaches – especially in children.  Harmful chemicals can leave harsh smells in the air and toxic residue on surface areas.  Green cleaning actually improves the air quality within the home and offers peace of mind to families who want to ensure they provide the healthiest environment possible for their loved ones.

We use only organic cleaning products that are all natural, phosphate, chemical, perfume and dye free.  You can trust that our products are safe for the environment, and, unlike some traditional cleaning products, are completely non-toxic for you and your family.  


Mothers Choice (Pink Solution)

Deep scrubbing


Mixture of essential oils, water and vinegar 

Removes hard water stains




Residential Cleaning Services without Chemicals



Light-Polishing, Streak free clean

Heavy-easily removes grime

Our philosophy is that natural cleaning products are a part of a healthy lifestyle and we work hard to provide our clients with quality service without the use of harmful chemicals and toxins.   We choose products that are safe for clients, their children and their pets.

Green cleaning also has benefits that extend beyond our own homes as well.  It ensures that, as homeowners, we are not contributing toxic chemicals to the environment.  Our clients appreciate having the option to make an eco-friendly choice and the opportunity to make a gesture towards their planet.

We are committed to providing the residents of Kelowna with the very best residential cleaning services available, using family safe and environmentally friendly products.   We take pride in our work and are passionate about giving our clients the quality service they deserve.