Siera's veiw on our products

My name is Siera and I am currently the operations manager for Organic and Clean. When I first learned that I would be working with organic cleaning products I was skeptical because I honestly have never had any luck using organic products. I have never felt like they can cut through grease and grime like other chemical based products can. But on the other hand those products can have consequences on your health and I knew they weren't something I could be using in my work environment on a daily basis. To my surprise I was blown away by the cleaning power of the products that Stephanie provided to me to use. My favourite product is the Pink Solution Scrub which we mainly use on sinks, tubs and showers. It scrubs away the soap scum and grime due to the finely ground pumice stone and leaves a smooth shiny finish as a result. I also love how versatile and simple the cleaning products are. I can use my "light" spray on granite, stainless steel, fabric - the list goes on and I never have to worry "is this safe on this material?" I have never felt like they aren't doing the job and since learning about these products I now use them in my own home and wouldn't go back!

Social Media Maid

As our business has grown over the past few years I have come to realize I am very good at a few things, however; I am lacking-and I mean severely lacking-in other area's. Not to blow my own horn, but I like to think I am very good with people, I enjoy hard work, multi-tasking, and a few other little social skills. 

However I am horrible when it comes to anything on the computer. To be honest, Facebook and even this blog have been big challenges for me, I do not seem to have an edge for it. If you are reading this, I will admit that Jonathan does a lot of the editing for me, along with many many other things in the background. 

The reason I bring this up is I have been listening to a new business book called "#ASKGARYVEE"  It is a good book, not the best book I have ever listened to, but I think some of his insight is very helpful. The biggest concept I have gleaned from the book would be, "Always become a social media company". He believes this is always the right start for companies, as now days all of our information is online. He informs you that if you can become interested and apart of people's daily life they will be more inclined to buy from you or to use your services. I do believe that is true. If you build peoples' interest and the relationships you have with them, then people will care about what you are doing, because they know and like you. It just make sense to me.

Approaching from this perspective, I believe that we have an advantage, as we are able to help people in their homes. This is a very personal place, as we have to take care of a possession that you love, we need to get to know your likes and dislikes. Sometimes we are even fortunate enough to get to know your family.  Either way we are able to get to know you very well as our client, without this we would not be proficient at our job. 

"Social media for maids?" You may think what is the point to social media for a cleaning service? Well I think the part that it plays, is you get to know us as well as we know you. At the moment we are doing the very basic's, Photo's, Blogs, and Facebook. We are skimming the surface of the online world,  I wish I was doing way more to show you who we are as people, and who we are as a business.

The biggest thing I want our clients to know is that Jonathan and I as business owners care for our staff! I'm not sure how to say this without it being taken wrong, but we care more about our staff then we do about our clients. Please let me explain, the reason I believe it is in your benefit to hire us is because we care for our staff. I am not saying in anyway that we have fulfilled all the dreams we have for our employees and company, however deep down I honestly want the best in the world for the people that work for us! I hope because we care for our staff and do our best to be fair and generous with them, that they will do the same for you as our clients. If we put time, energy, and care into building an environment in which our staff know we support them and want the best for them, I believe they will go to work and want to put that same time, energy, and care back into their work for our clients.

I guess in the end for us social media is a way to give you a sneak peak into our world, hopefully you see a glimmer of who we are, and who we are working towards being.