Tools of the trade-Cleaning house with TeaTree oil

Oils are all the rage right now. But to be honest, I am not sure if all of them are that useful. I know they cost me a large amount of money every month and they also smell pretty. Other than that I have never taken the time to look into how I am supposed to use them.

At the moment my go to oil is Tea-tree. I have used it for years and started using it as a teenager when I lived in Haiti in 2007 for 6 months with my boyfriend's family while they were waiting to adopt 2 girls. Long story short we lost our place to live and ended up helping  out at a few different orphanages. Don't worry, I knew the situation before we left Canada. I also new with lots of children came the possibility of lice.. AAAH!!!! I've had it twice as a child and I never want to go through that again!   I also figured that hot places may have bugs and the mosquitoes that can give you malaria.  So again AAHH!!! 

I bought a large bottle of this Tea tree oil and dumped it into my shampoo, conditioner, bug lotion, sunscreen, and even used it as my daily perfume. It worked like a charm and all the bugs left me alone- including the lice! I have used it year after year when I know I will be helping out at camps or any type of large group activity. I even packed it camping a few times when I forgot my bug spray. I got a little sun burnt from the oil, but received no bites! I do not always enjoy the strong smell of this oil but I figure it is way better than any of the other options.

We now use it while we are cleaning. 

I just learned from a friend that this oil is a great a anti-fungal,  meaning; it can help  fight the mold or mildew in your bathrooms and showers. If I were you I would spray my tile shower down with this every day.

I take 10 drops of oils and fill the rest of the small bottle with water. Wash the tile shower, dry it out, then spray the areas that need a little extra help with the oils.  So far so good!

Give it a try, See what you think!?