I have been learning lots from Pinterest. I don't find it exciting to pin cleaning items or even search for tips on Pinterest, but when I am in need it is always there for me. I love how you can search for anything from household cleaning information to the perfect hair color or the perfect pair of heels. I promise you the heels interest me way more, but the cleaning advice will always be way more practical. If only I looked as good cleaning as I do in a pair of heels lol. I feel like a  a no-makeup early-morning mess when I am cleaning. Especially if I haven't had my coffee.

     Something you don't know about me is I am a walking zombie without a good cup of coffee in the morning. I used to try to cut myself off of coffee for a  month every year but this year when I tried,  I lasted two weeks, then I had to cave. I felt like I was walking through life in a haze and it was getting hard to smile or to be coherent. I finally admitted that I am fully addicted and I will be drinking coffee for the rest of my life. Oh! And then my friend informed me of the brilliant idea of using whipping cream for my coffee instead of milk, as I do not like eating breakfast until late in the day. It does keep me full for the morning and I think it tastes like heaven. 

Okay so back to the house hold cleaning. Pinterest can be the best form of information, and here are some examples:

This is a really good idea  I have seen on Pinterest. I guess it does not fully pertain to cleaning but I look at it as cleaning up the look of your kitchen. I have a client who does this and it looks way better!

     This is a great thing to do once a month if you have hard water. Fill a bag with baking soda and vinegar, then wrap it around your shower faucet. Leave it there for the day and rise it off before you go to shower; it should have done all the work for you.  The hope is all the hard water has been eaten right off.

     Last one, I want and need one of these so badly!!  I should make one of these for each of my clients for next Christmas! BEST BEST IDEA!!!


Thanks! TTYL!