Change is a wonderful new adventure. Always throwing you off balance. I can say for us, that in the past year we have been experiencing good and difficult changes all at the same time. I had mentioned in a past post that I am expecting a new addition to our family that I am getting more and more eager to meet. With a only a couple of weeks left to go I am already seeing the changes that this change is creating in Organic&Clean. You would think I should be more worried about home life, but I feel like all of the advice I could ever want has been more than freely given (if you know what I mean) or is at the tips of my fingers. On the other hand, the advice I want on how to adapt our cleaning business is not so easily obtained.

So far we have changed a few things:

1) My husband has agreed to change things up in his work life and help me with the running of the company. He has also started a side crew to cover any move out cleans. This has been the most helpful and stress relieving thing as I know I have someone else to help me.  

2) We have been struggling to find the next team member who is the perfect fit for our team. It's always hard to find a person who can do good work, is a pleasure to work with, and will stick it out for the long term. It is not an easy job and most women who apply are surprised to find out how physically demanding the days can be.  It takes a few weeks, but most of us adjust and build the muscles needed to get the job done, but we also find some women who decide it is not a fit for them.

3) We are in the middle of training some new staff and this is the part of the job my husband Jonathan will be taking on. I have trained him and he is a very good cleaner. So now it's up to him to get our new staff up to speed and to our standards. He will do an amazing job but I am sure it seems like a big task.  

4) Jonathan is also developing training manuals and client profiles for us. This is going to be the best addition to our business- having a consistent way to educate our team on our cleaning processes and having all the details of the homes they are cleaning readily available. 

So many other things are in the works but our main priority will always be creating a healthy work environment for our staff. We want them to know that they are appreciated as they work so very hard.  We are so fortunate to have women who we trust and enjoy working with and look forward to finding similar people to continue working with.

P.S.- I was very lucky to have some wonderful friends offer to do some photo's for us. It was such a pleasure to be captured by both these women as I never thought I would get any photos done. I am so grateful that I have wonderful people in my life that have so much talent and are willing to share. Thanks ladies!!