The Boys!

We have a move out crew!  

All the ladies on our team are very excited to pass this job along. Physically it is so very demanding and we work so hard already.

Enter the guys-Don and Jonathan-we now have a two man team for any of our move out cleans. Yes, the men are cleaning and, they do an amazing job! To be honest my biggest problem with them is they can be over detailed, so I cannot complain at all. This year we have had to turn down so many move out cleans due to our schedule being so full with our regular client load and also not getting much notice before we are needed for a move out clean. Most people think they can get it done themselves and then end up panicking at the last minute which results in them asking us to come in, with only a day's notice to do a full move out clean for them. As much as we want to help we cannot always accommodate, so hopefully with our new crew we will be able to help a few of the short notice panicking people. 

Move out cleans are very different from a regular cleaning. They take all day, and are full of little details and a lot of scrubbing. The kitchen is the beast of the bunch. We find that the person who is cleaning in the kitchen does not finish cleaning until the rest of the home is almost finished.  But other than that it is really just a deep cleaning of the whole house including the areas that were not accessible before due to things being in the way.

Things you should do before we come:

-Start Self Clean Oven (If this is available) 

-Make sure you are fully moved out of home

-Make a note of any details that are important to you

-Leave the rest to us

If you are in need of other cleaning service we have worked with these professionals in the past and the quality they provided was excellent.

Sierra Clean Care

Eco Shine Windows