I guess it's almost old news now, however;Jonathan Bati and I would like to announce the birth of our baby boy: Eliki John Luvuiwai Batisarisari

Pronunciation: Eh-lee-kee / John / Loo-voo-ee-why / Batisarisari

He was born on July 13 at 11:28AM and was 9lbs 6oz

We named him after Jonathan's late cousin in Fiji. He was a very special person to both of us and we are exited that our son will carry on his name. We love him so much and are exited for everyone to meet him!!!

Our beautiful boy is now 14 weeks old, he is so sweet! We are very proud parents.

So as you can guess life has changed for us in a great way, however it has taken some time to get used to having a new little life depending on us. But we were back to work on day 4 and doing our best not to let anything slip through the cracks. You may see our new little one time to time strapped to me as I do a quick walk through with new clients, or checking on our staff's quality of cleaning.  At this age I figure he is portable and it gives me the freedom to still be work out of the office.  

With these changes I am finding that I am not super woman; working and being a new mom is very rewarding and challenging all at the same time. I am passing off a few of my daily jobs to our supervising manager, Lesley. She has been one of our long term staff, does a great job, and we love her! We will be having her help with emails, phones, scheduling, training, and client meetings. I am hoping this will free me up to do all the background things like client follow ups, blogging, staff manuals, advertising, and social media-really just any of the details I never seem to have time for. Eliki will be along for the ride and we are happy to have him along! He is already a regular at our staff meetings! .  .   

There have been so many changes this year but we hope to see many more to come, during those changes we will always do our best to give our clients a quality experience and our staff a great place to work.  It's always a great new adventure!

Thank you for being apart of it!


Organic&Clean Baby