A Clean Life

Do you live a clean life?

As far as I can tell most people would say "Yes I do."

What does a clean life mean to you? I have seen the living conditions and lifestyle choices of hundreds of people in our city. I can tell you that everyone's idea of clean and healthy varies more then you may imagine!

What does health mean to you?

Well, my opinion is that moderation is the healthiest thing in the world for you.  My health does include a few things like food, home, mind, and soul.

I can say this last year I really dropped the ball on the healthy food part of my life, just not being as moderate in all things as I should have been. However I did just post my last blog about those changes in my life and I am happy that I finally took that major step and made some good changes. 

Health Home: In our home my husband and I work as a team and make sure to not leave dishes in the sink and my husband is very good at keeping our floors clean. Every evening before bed we put the toys away and tidy any mess we had left out. I try to make sure our house gets a full clean once a week by doing it all in one day or when I am being extra good I tackle an extra cleaning item a day. I'll be honest, some months it only gets a good scrub every other week because of LIFE!

Even more honestly: we sometimes get some help from our awesome staff if they want the extra hours and honestly it is the BEST!! Our home is lived in, and I do not go over board when it comes to being clean. I love a perfect home but I do not want to stress if it doesn't always stay that way. We always make sure to clean up when we have company as we want to make them comfortable. But sometimes to do that, I have to pile my laundry high on my dresser and shut the door! I want to be present with the people in my life and a little mess will never stop me from doing just that. 

Healthy Mind: This can take a turn into many different area's, but for myself the most important thing to take care of in my mind is my thoughts and attitude toward other people. We can all be most critical in our minds, as we don't think it will have much of an impact on other people. Most harsh or mean things we think are not said out loud as we know they would just make things worse. I know enough about myself that I know I can have mean or unfriendly thoughts internally, and think that those thoughts will not have any repercussions as they are secret. But the truth is they are an unhealthy and unclean way of living life. These thoughts can change the way you view people. If your always telling yourself someone is rude, eventually that is all you see that person as.  At work when I get frustrated with either a staff's actions or a client's, I remind myself that this person has more going on in there life than just right now and today. They have other stressful events that can make them unpleasant and that I should give them a break. Also, if I want things to remain calm I must be calm. If I am trying to act calm but in my thoughts I am raging, that will reflect in my actions. If you have a bad thought about someone, tell yourself "NO" that thought is not true! That person is not just this one thing and that I will not allow myself to make them out to be worse then they truly are. Our thoughts show and reflect in our actions, so guard them and try and do your best to view the world with a healthy attitude.

Last but not least, it should have been first actually is my soul.  We live in a culture at the moment that people are trying to find their inner peace and an awareness of self. For me I believe that inner peace has nothing to do with me, but comes from my loving father, Jesus Christ. I believe that God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins, and that I am no where near perfect, so I need to accept that gift of forgiveness and ask him into my life.  I do not need to do anything else to earn his love. But because of that love I want to show others the same love. I believe I have found truth and if I care for others in any way I should share this truth with them. I care for my soul by spending time in prayer, and scripture. I want my life to reflect Christ as I am not a perfect person and never will be. I fail at this every day. But tomorrow is a new day and I can live in peace knowing that God loves me no matter what my flaws are. As much as I know this should be #1 on my list I know it can fall on the back burner and when it does I see the healthier side of my life fall into decline.

I do know there are many other areas of my life that need improvement to be healthy, these are just the few things I have been working on this year.  I do acknowledge that everyone has a different set of standards and ways of living. This is me simple sharing what those are for me and how I go about them. I want to live a clean, healthy, happy life!

Again I will ask: What is healthy living to you? Do you live a clean life? Are there changes you need to make to be a cleaner and healthier person?

Sit back take a good look at your life and maybe join me in some changes!

Thanks for reading!