#Girlboss #Boss Maid??


This is another book I am listening to. Yes it is a bit of a feminist book, however not in the way you would typically think. It encourages women in business to get out there and basically kick some butt, go to work, put the time and effort in, and do it like a boss.

I typically listen to audio books while I clean. Some days you can catch me listening to a sappy romance and other days the most in depth, brain melting business book. I do like to switch it up as I cannot always be in the hard core world of adult business and take it back to the good old days of light-hearted care-free tween love.

But anyways, #Girlboss was a very middle of the road book for me, It had the fun of a tween book but the inspiration of one of those hard hitting money making books. It made me want to be a kick butt business woman style.........Get out and take over the world!!

Recently I had someone look down their nose at me for being a "Cleaner"/"Maid" (or whatever you would like to call what we do). They asked me if I was going to do this forever or if I would ever go get an education.  I brushed it off as I am a confident woman and do not need a cool title to feel like I am killing it in the work world. But it did make me wonder why people look down their nose at someone who obviously works hard for their livelihood. Yes it's not glamorous, but I do choose to do this for a living because I like it, because I am good at it,  because I am building a future for my company, and hopefully creating a good work environment for the people we hire. I have a lot of respect for the ladies and men who work for us and the effort and care they put into each job. They are a hard-working group of people and I would hope that people would show them respect as they do choose to help people, care for people, and put in the hard work that it takes to clean up after people.  It is not an easy job, and I appreciate every single day that our staff show up to work; they care for our clients and we couldn't ask for more.

I am working my way towards becoming a #Girlboss, and I am a #Bossmaid, and I am more then proud to do what I do, and I respect anyone who is willing to put in the hard work along side me.



P.S.-If you want to read the book yourself just click here- #GIRLBOSS