Do You Show Up to Interviews?

It has been the oddest summer. 

All summer we tried to find staff, as summer is the busiest time of year. We always seem to have a flood of clients and a lack of workers.  This summer my goal was to hire as many wonderful people as we could and get them trained and ready to go, instead; we only received a couple resumes over the summer and mostly failed to get a response for an interview. If we did get an interview set up it ended with me sitting alone with coffee in hand, waiting-thinking, "Maybe its the girl in the corner?...she is looking around and maybe doesn't see me." And then asking

"Are you looking to meet someone?"


"Sorry to bother you."

Needless to say, this was more then upsetting as we had a waiting list 30 people deep. Of course we are all hands on deck and I can assure you my hands got put to work.  

We have since found a new way of looking for potential cleaners on and what a difference. In the first few days we actually had a hand-full of resumes to read through.  Of course it's still hard finding a great fit with our team and the interview process can be rough, but we are going to keep going until we find those people who fit the bill. 

The interview process just makes me shake my head.  We set a time and a place to meet someone and if they don't show up we obviously never look at their resume again and will back check to make sure we don't hire them in the future.  But for those that do show up, all we are hoping for is someone who shows up to the job, cares for people, is hard working, honest, and if your already a great cleaner we hit the jackpot!

Okay that is all my thoughts for now. Have a wonderful week!