Do you love your vacuum?

I have been cleaning for about 7 years now and in that amount of time I have used a lot of different vacuum systems. In my opinion the ultimate luxury system for vacuuming is the central vacuums that are built right into the home. These central vacuums have the hoses actually stored in the walls throughout your house and the hoses connect to central vacuum accessories to remove dust, particles, and small debris large floor spaces to tight nooks and crannies. These hoses can range from 15 to 60 feet if needed. With a regular central vacuum system the vacuum hose is plugged into the tubing in the wall and then stored in a closet. The former central vacuum system is not a cheap option but if you can afford it you never have to have to deal with an annoying hose piled in a closet again!

The other amazing, and much more affordable vacuum that I love is called the Shark Rocket HV382 Complete with DuoClean™. I believe you can buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I think this vacuum is better suited to smaller homes, but it has amazing suction and is so light weight! I am always so happy to find this vacuum in my clients home, as I know it will do an amazing job.

These options will not suite every home, and there are other great options out there. It is a hard thing to spend money on, but once you have a good vacuum you will be happy you made the purchase! Also if you have us clean your home we will appreciate it as well!

Have a lovely week everyone!


Stephanie B.