We Never Bring a Vacuum!!

It’s true, we never bring a vacuum to your home.

This might sound weird to you, but let me tell you why this is a good idea!!!

As a company we go into so many different types of homes, with so many different types of dirt, dog hair, cat hair-even human hair lol(EEWW!!) Everything goes into a vacuum (as long it’s not damaging).

Can you picture us bringing a vacuum into your home that has been used to vacuum up someone else’s cat hair! It would be all through-out the canister and in the vacuum head. You can imagine what would happen if we were to vacuum a home that had cats and then proceed to our next house with someone who had cat allergies. Or maybe we just did a clean after a home owner had done a huge renovation and we had drywall or thick dust clogging the vacuum and on start up it was forced back into the air or on your beautiful new carpet.


At Organic&Clean we ask each home owner to provide their own vacuum. We always want to do our best to remove dirt from your home and that is the end of it. We want to make sure that when we go to our next client’s house we are not bringing any new dirt with us!

Let us know how we can assist with any of your cleaning needs! We would be happy to help in any way we can!


Stephanie B