Why Hire A Cleaning Service?

We live in a busy day and age.

We all have a lot going on in each day and for some reason our culture is so proud of how busy we are. When we get asked how are you doing? A very typically response is "busy". It's  also normally true!

Most people and most family's have a very full schedule each day. Work, kids, sports, meetings, appointments, social obligations, even just fitting the social events that are not obligations ......we all have a full time job outside of our full time jobs. I know we all secretly enjoy being busy, but there are some consequences for being too busy. Things can start falling through the cracks.

Cooking and cleaning are just the two things that most of us either squeeze into our day or we just don't do them at all. Both should be a priority, but they are also the easiest things to skip.

Why hire a cleaning service???.......

Well I can only speak from personal experience, and you may be surprised but my husband and I love to hire or have someone on our staff come clean our home. We have our hands full and like everyone else the cleaning can get pushed aside. We have found a huge benefit from this extra help around our home. To be honest we fight less-because we are not letting one another down by neglecting our house-old duties. We also have a little more down time at the end of the day for things that matter to us like friends and family.  We both love to have a clean home and we feel a weight on our shoulders when it's just not getting done. If we have company coming over we feel that pressure even more. We pride ourselves in having a clean home and making sure people feel comfortable in our space.  Having someone help with our cleaning is the best thing I have ever done for our household.

Weekly cleaning is the most amazing thing in the world, but depending on your situation it's not always possible. But the good news is-getting bi-weekly cleaning services takes that pressure off to do the major cleaning in your home, and when company is coming it can just be a quick touch up.

I know that our client's feel the same way I do, and we love hearing how much they appreciate our wonderful staff! I love knowing when Organic&Clean is hired for a job that we can leave knowing we have made someone's life easier. I always hope those people come home and feel that weight off there shoulders and do something for themselves, like have a nap LOL!!!

I love owning a cleaning service because I know it makes a difference in our client's lives, and it's so easy to take pride in a job well done!

Have a lovely week, and we hope to hear from you soon!