New Baby, Old stains!

We are now a family of 4!

We had a little boy, his name is Sevanaia(Seh-vah-nie-yah) James Donald Batisarisari and he was born on Sept 15th. He is named after my husband’s grandfather in Fiji.

Our family is excited to welcome him home and we are now adjusting to parenting two little ones. There is so much that comes with having two kids: double the mess, double the stuff, double the diapers, and hopefully double the fun!

I do love having a new baby and I wish that stage lasted so much longer than it does! Cuddles are my favorite and my two year old does not always give me all the love I want lol!

With two kids our house is a little messier and much busier and there is not much we can do about that other than clean up and put things away as we use them.  The biggest cleaning challenge for me is keeping up with the laundry. I think I do laundry every day-it just never ends! With a new baby I am reminded of the struggle I had as a new mom as I had the hardest time getting the bright yellow baby  stains out of the baby clothing. I don’t know why but my boys both seemed to have blow-outs every day, I had thought I tried everything to get those nasty yellow stains out of the cute little new born clothing, but nothing seemed to work that well.

So I tried the Pink Solution that we use at Organic&Clean. I wash the area out and then rub the paste on full strength. You can toss it in the wash, or in the laundry bin to leave for the day. Either way the stains always seem to come out!

I remember my first born was wearing stained clothing all the time; as I was running out of clothing and idea’s. Little did I know the solution was at my finger tips! I even found a few outfits from two years ago that had stains in them still. I got them wet, rubbed the paste in, and let it sit for the day; and yes after two years they look clean again!

Give it a try, it really does work!


Stephanie B.