I Stepped In Something Nasty!

Squishy…Wet...EWW NASTY!!

Ahaha! Over Christmas at my Mom’s house these were my socks. My mom had 6 kids all under the age of 4 eating at her table and half of the food went on the floor at every meal. Sorry mom!!

Multiple times every day we would clean the meals and the mess up off of the floor. The magical time of the day, “NAP TIME”, would appear and I would tidy up the toys so I could sit down in peace with everyone else to enjoy 1-2 hours of silence.

But without fail before I was able to sit down every single day I would step and …. Squish…Wet …EWW NASTY!! Food all over my socks!!

We ended up washing the floors way too many times over the holidays, but hey, who’s counting?

At Organic&Clean we are here to wash your floors, the right way.

We have asked many different flooring experts what they would recommend using on any type of flooring and they seem to agree that 4 litres of water with 2 table spoons of vinegar is the best multipurpose floor cleaner. When vinegar is diluted enough it is safe on any surface; it disinfects and it can also take away unwanted odor.

This is what we use for our client’s flooring, unless you have a personal preference and would like us to use your organic floor cleaner, we are happy to accommodate that request.

All I know is I am just so done with the Squishy, Wet, and Nasty lol!!!!