Siera's veiw on our products

My name is Siera and I am currently the operations manager for Organic and Clean. When I first learned that I would be working with organic cleaning products I was skeptical because I honestly have never had any luck using organic products. I have never felt like they can cut through grease and grime like other chemical based products can. But on the other hand those products can have consequences on your health and I knew they weren't something I could be using in my work environment on a daily basis. To my surprise I was blown away by the cleaning power of the products that Stephanie provided to me to use. My favourite product is the Pink Solution Scrub which we mainly use on sinks, tubs and showers. It scrubs away the soap scum and grime due to the finely ground pumice stone and leaves a smooth shiny finish as a result. I also love how versatile and simple the cleaning products are. I can use my "light" spray on granite, stainless steel, fabric - the list goes on and I never have to worry "is this safe on this material?" I have never felt like they aren't doing the job and since learning about these products I now use them in my own home and wouldn't go back!