Tools of the trade-Home cleaning cloths and costs

I am a germaphobe  for my clients. I want to treat their home's like I would hope someone would treat mine.  This is the reason I use color coded cloths.  Green and blue cleaning cloths are for the bathroom and yellow cleaning cloths are for house hold area's. At the end of the day they all go into the wash together. But the point is I do not want them to get mixed up while using them. I don't want to see anyone wiping down the bathtub and then wipe down my kitchen counters with the same cloth! EW! I would want to smack the person doing that in my house. So color coded it is!  It has really helped!

 You have no idea how hard it can be to find good cloths, the same colors and quality. If you go to one of those cleaning supply stores  they may try to sell you a microfiber cloth for $1.50 per cloth,sometimes even more.  If you like to spend the most money possible please go ahead! Anyways, I have found Costco supplies yellow microfiber cloths in the detailing section for cars. I believe they are a pack for 35 for $18. Not a bad price for the bunch. They are slightly fluffier that is why we use those in the house hold area's.  I am happy to tell you there is an even better price at Home Depot. I get my green microfiber cleaning cloths 30 for $14.88 and the quality  is amazing!

Give these a try! 

**Good find** If you like to use mirror cloths. Take a look in the car detail sections, they normally take a few dollars off compared to the cleaning isle. I go to Canadian tire for mine. They are bright orange and they work great all over your house from windows to glass.

I am living in Kelowna but I am sure it is the same else where.

Thank you! TTYL!