Crock Pot Mamma

Once again, I am talking about juggling life, as we are all very busy. I also know most of you are very busy people, that is why you have us come clean for you. This blog is not about cleaning, but rather a different (but still seemingly in-conquerable) household task of working dinners around our busy life. So I thought this could be of help to you in your home, 

I have become one of those crock pot mamma's!!  Basically, I have found a way to make most of the meals I normally do in the crock pot. My husband normally says that all crock pot meals taste the same, but I know he means the classic stew type meals (Meat, potato, and other mushy type things).  But the following recipes have tuned out well!!

So far I have made these few items and I am hoping I can keep going:

-Pulled Chicken (Cook Chicken breast and tomato paste on low for 8 hours, add seasoning and pull chicken apart, serve over rice)

-Chicken and Rice Soup (Cook whole chicken, water, and onion,  for 8 hours on low. Add carrots and rice for the last hour and season to liking) ( You will need to pull out the bones. Also I made baking soda biscuits as they take 20 minutes to prepare and bake)

-Lentil Curry (Cook lentils in Water and curry spices for 8 hours on low, serve over rice.)

-Wine Chicken (Cook chicken breasts, potato, butter, wine, and spices for 4 hours on high, serve over rice)

As I am writing these out I am noticing I have been cooking a lot of chicken lately, wow! We do eat red meat; however, I thought these ones turned out really well and they were simple. I just took one weekend day to prep all these meals, put them in freezer zip-locks, and cooked them when I was in a rush!

Give your own meals a try! What can you cook in a crock pot?

All that is left to do is the dishes, or you can always ask us to come do that!!