Sometimes it just hits you doesn't it? 

For me last night was on of those nights. We watched an amazing documentary about Israeli food and all the country has to offer. Wine, cheese, hummus, amazing spices, fresh fish, lamb, lemons, street food, fresh salads, and more. I feel some vigor and inspired! At the moment that inspiration is pushing me into the kitchen to cook.

My mouth watered and my mind went to work on how I could re-create or re invent some of these things. Sadly I do not have the spices I need or the knowledge to do all of these things. 

I have been helping my sister-in-law prepare meals for my brother when he is working his shift work out of town. Due to nights like last night and other "moments of random inspiration" we have cooked up a storm and usually after a storm there is a bit of a mess. I like to think I am a decent cook, however I am excellent at destroying a clean kitchen. 

There are a few thing I have learned while cooking with her. I love cooking with her because she lets me have the fun of creating and cooking while she helps me do all the chopping and cleans up while I finish the dishes. She likes to clean as we go as she has seen me in action and does not like the end result of her kitchen. However, she is always happy with all the food that comes with the mess.

Here are a few tips that I usually use when preparing food in the kitchen:

1) Clean as you go, or have a sue chef/sister-in-law to help prep and clean up

2) Put some vinegar and water on to boil beside any strong smelling ingredients it will absorb and lessen the odor in the home.

3) From time to time you may burn, or as I would rather say, "brown things in a pan a little to long". So to help with cleaning the pot or pan fill the bottom of the pan with a layer of water, add vinegar, bring the pan or pot to a boil. Then remove the pan from the heat and add the baking soda. ...Empty the pan and scour as normal; if necessary add an extra bit of dry baking soda. 

4) My last tip of the day would be to not wear your nice cloths while cooking. My sister in-law is very good at changing into something nice right before she calls people to the table. I tend to just go for it, and have a few clothes that paid the price.

Enjoy making a mess in your kitchen! I am off to start a new pintrest food page, and seriously pondering if I want to visit Israel for some great food, wine and history.